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The age-old question that circles back time and time again – How do we retain the member that wants to leave? While the Fitness Industry is recording explosive growth overall, turnover is up as well. With so many options out there and an endless desire from consumers to try new and exciting experience, retention is at the forefront of every owner’s brain. Sure, there is an influx of drop ins, day passes, discounted classes etc. but it’s becoming harder to hold on to those recurring memberships. Luckily, there are some simple and creative ways to tackle this.

              Are you collecting the right data? If a member wants to leave, are you asking them why? REALLY asking? Typically, members will look to leave because:

  • They found a better location
  • They need to reduce their monthly expenses
  • They found a facility they like better
  • They want to try a new experience altogether.

            On their “exit interview” make sure to drill down until you they touch on one of these bullets.

            Determine what they like and did not like about your Gym or Studio – REALLY liked and didn’t like. Make sure the customer knows that any input / feedback would be extremely helpful in creating the best experience possible for your members. If someone has decided to become a member of your establishment in the first place, chances are the likes outweigh the dislikes.

            LISTEN to your members. Depending on their replies, you can offer them a different package, throw in some free services for a couple of weeks so they can compare any new club experience they may have with what they had at your club (the grass isn’t always greener). Offering prolonged discounts directly is never a good idea – it would only encourage other members to do the same. You can talk about upcoming improvements that relate to their concerns, such as:

  • new equipment
  • remodeling
  • new trainers / classes / amenity changes planned for the future as well any
  • planned new locations in the works

            The best defense is a good offense. Meaning, be proactive. Get feedback from your trainers and support staff, talk to people at your locations, have trainers looking for people that a need a spot and ask regularly to spark interaction, offer new exercise options to your regulars, send surveys to gauge your member satisfaction and actively seek advice on improvements. Remember, the cost of acquisition through traditional marketing methods is much higher than retaining a current member.

            Customized Partial Memberships - If they do like your Gym or Studio but still wish to leave for any of the above reasons, why not offer them a partial membership through GymWisely? Instead of an unlimited membership at price X, offer them the same terms at price Y for 5, 10 , 15 or 20 days a month. You can maintain the relationship, keep them attending your location, continue receiving revenue all while they have moved their unlimited plan to try out somewhere else.

            This is a tough program to implement on your own -you can’t just offer partial memberships to the market at large – You’d compromise your entire business model! Enter GymWisely – offers Gyms and Studios the ability to offer Customized Partial Memberships to a controlled market – FOR FREE.  

            GymWisely pre-qualifies members and only allows them to gain access to Customized Partial Memberships when they are signed up and paying for a different gym or studio of equal or greater value. At its most basic level, any Gymwisely partner can create, control and offer customized partial MEMBERSHIPS to people that are members of other clubs. Gymwisely allows its partners to control all plan pricing and terms AND the market that these plans can be offered to. If your serious about retention, learn more about HERE.

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