Okay, you have good intentions and you really want to reach your fitness goals, but something is holding you back. “There’s no gym near me.” “I need fitness anytime.” It’s okay - life gets in the way and sometimes it can be easier to find reasons not to hit the gym than to convince yourself that you should workout. Most of these reasons are all in your head, so here are three reasons you’re not hitting the gym and how GymWisely can help you out.

1) You’ve Lost Motivation

We’ve all been there. Week one of a fitness plan is exciting! You’re sweating and feeling good about your decision to make a better life for yourself - that is - until the novelty wears off and you begin to see how difficult it is to reach your goals. What can you do to keep things fresh and exciting?

Variety is the spice you need in your fitness routine. Easily enough, GymWisely offers you unlimited memberships AND partial memberships to other gyms, clubs, and studios around the city. Instead of weight lifting five times a week, you might choose to throw in some rock climbing sessions at another gym or perhaps yoga someplace different. Adding something fresh to your weekly routine is that motivational kick pushing you towards those fitness goals.

2) It's Inconvenient

Sometimes it’s just not fun to drive across town to hit the gym after a long day of work. You want your gym close to work, home, or on your commute that makes it easy to get your fitness anywhere at your own pace within your budget. 

This is where having a multi-membership service comes in handy. Don’t pay for multiple memberships to each of these gyms.  Instead, choose GymWisely to create the best multi-membership gym experience that fits your life. Don’t stress over gym hours and location, just focus on what matters: fitness!

3) You're Not Seeing Progress

It’ll take a lot of commitment and patience to look into your mirror and notice some changes. The journey makes the finish line so rewarding when you stick to your routine, and being around like-minded people will help you get there. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and you will see results. 

Check out our list of participating locations OR submit a recommendation for a new location.

Check back frequently - We are young and growing fast with new venues added all the time! 

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