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Planning to head right back to your favorite Gyms and or Studios as soon as the door pops open? Me too! I can’t wait!

There is something about working out in a real live environment with everyone working towards the same goal(s) that I LOVE. I love the routine, I love the progress, I love seeing some of the same faces every day and I love mixing up my routine across a few different experiences. I love the equipment, culture and training diversity. I love getting out of the house, I love the amenities and I love to see progress in myself.

I can’t wait to go back to my favorite spots and mix up my open gym with some yoga and meditation – Oh yeah, and a few rock-climbing sessions a month will do. Okay, I’m psyching myself up too much...

It’s time to remind myself (and all of you) to go easy the first few times back at your club(s). You may have been doing some home workouts, but we all know it’s different. Don’t expect to come back and pick up the same routine right away – you’ve likely lost a bit while in lockdown so don’t force it! Your muscles, mind and flexibility will bounce back soon enough. No need to injure yourself by over-exerting yourself on day 1!

Trust me, surgery isn’t fun. Slow and steady wins the race my friends. Train hard, train well and train right! If you don’t know, ask. Good habits keep you healthy and strong!

Enjoy your clubs, workouts, trainers, yogi’s and the community. It’s on!

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Author: Rick Annichiarico, Founder & CEO


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